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New Embraer historical center website goes live

June 5, 2012, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil - Embraer has launched a new version of its Historical Center website (, creating an online reference database about the emergence of Brazil´s aeronautics industry.

June 5, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Students, aviation enthusiasts and the general public can access the website to research the history and pioneering initiatives that have contributed to raising Brazil to the topmost level of the worldwide aeronautics scenario.

“Our objective is to gather, preserve and publish the history of Brazil’s aeronautics industry, and pay tribute to the people who were, and continue to be, a vital part of this story,” said Pedro Ferraz, Director of the Embraer Institute for Education and Research. “This continuous process of researching and collecting historical information preserves the knowledge and the experiences of several decades for future generations.”

With the same visual identity and navigation capabilities as other websites of Embraer´s business units, the site offers a modern layout, in a simple, objective and interactive navigation style. The digital architecture supports easy access to Embraer historical and institutional data, as well as video and photo downloads. The website is compatible with a number of mobile platforms, like iPhone, iPad, and Android.



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