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New for Mid- and Large- Cabin Jets

picture_3The Portable Aircraft Boarding Canopy by QCS (GSE) Ltd.

April 23, 2009  By Stacy Bradshaw

picture_3New GSE Product for Mid-and Large- Cabin Corporate Jets
& Regional Jets

The Portable Aircraft Boarding Canopy by QCS (GSE)

New revolutionary product from QCS (GSE) Ltd designed for the mid to
large cabin corporate jet and regional jet market. This device is
quickly and easily positioned at the Main Entrance Door prior to the
aircraft door opening and covers the entire entranceway to the
aircraft. The door can then be opened and passengers can exit the
aircraft under the cover of the canopy. Canopy remains in position
while the aircraft main entrance door is open, protecting the interior
of the aircraft from the elements (rain, snow, sleet, sun, heat, noise,
etc). The canopy also protects the privacy of the passengers (&
crew) while they transition between the aircraft and the FBO or
When the aircraft is ready to depart, simply close the door and once
the aircraft door is secured, remove the canopy from the area. Suitable
for use on all Gulfstream models (GII-G650) and Bombardier large cabin
aircraft (600/601/604/605 Global Express and RJ\'s).

Canopy comes in selection of colours and can be customized with company
logos (optional). The material is high quality Sunbrella fabric, which
is fire, mold and mildew resistant.
Show your customers that you are serious about unparalleled customer
service by offering this great new product.
Contact QCS GSE Ltd for more information or a demo at your facility



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