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New initiatives will boost SMEs access new markets

Ottawa - The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) applauds the federal government for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement of two new initiatives to support Canadian small and medium-sized businesses seeking to expand their reach into new markets.

March 20, 2015  By AIAC

A new export market development program will provide financial support to entrepreneurs developing opportunities in high-growth emerging markets, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is receiving new resources to expand their global efforts to support of Canadian businesses.

“As an export-intensive industry, Canadian aerospace companies rely on strong access to global markets in order to remain competitive. For small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, making inroads into new markets can be a daunting challenge. An expanded Trade Commissioner Service and greater financial support for export development will help our companies address these challenges and expand their international presence in key markets,” said Jim Quick, President and CEO of AIAC.

93 percent of the Canadian aerospace industry is made up of small- and medium-sized firms, and 80 percent of the industry’s products are exported every year. Aerospace was named a priority sector in the government’s Global Markets Action Plan (GMAP), and AIAC works closely with the Trade Commissioners Service to promote its members’ access to strategic markets around the globe.

“The government demonstrated its commitment to the aerospace industry and a strong Canadian industrial presence in markets around the world through GMAP and now again through the initiatives announced today. We are very pleased with this announcement, and we thank Prime Minister Harper and the government for their continued support,” said Mr. Quick.



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