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New marketing firm targets BizAv and GA firms

Dec. 16, 2011, Denver, Co. - Kandi M. Spangler, announced today the launch of Vertical Markets, a company specializing in marketing solutions for the business and general aviation industries.

December 16, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Vertical Markets  provides  marketing  services  that  help  companies  effectively  communicate  their  value proposition,  achieve  brand  recognition  and  drive  sales  through  the  development  and  execution  of  a comprehensive marketing plan.
Spangler recently left Jet Support  Services, Inc. (JSSI) as their Vice President of  Marketing  to start the  new  company  in  December  of  2011. “We  live  in  a  fiercely  competitive  environment,”  stated Spangler, “and companies in the aviation industry need a focused go‐to‐market strategy if they want to achieve their sales goals and objectives”.  
Citing  a  need  for  marketing  support  in  the  business  and  general  aviation  industries, Spangler explained  that  marketing  is  often  delegated  to  the  sales  manager  in  the  organization,  and  that  a comprehensive marketing plan and subsequent marketing efforts can be diluted or ignored as a result.  “Focused  marketing  is  imperative  to  survive  and  grow  in  today’s  economic  climate,”  commented Spangler,  “and  Vertical  Markets  gives  companies  a  competitive  edge  by  helping  them  develop  a comprehensive  marketing  plan  and  executing  on  that  plan  without  hiring  a  full‐time  marketing professional.”
For companies that have a marketing department or marketing professional on staff, Vertical Markets offers assistance to help them effectively execute their existing marketing plan and provide additional manpower.


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