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New Pilatus center for Poland and the Baltics

May 17, 2011, Stans, Sui. - Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is pleased to announce the selection of JB Investments as its newest Pilatus Center for Poland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia
and Lithuania.

May 17, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

JB Investments will take care of sales and marketing activities as well as the provision of maintenance service for the PC-12 NG in Poland and the Baltic states.

Established in 1994, JB Investments of Konstancin-Jeziorna (20 km south of Warsaw) is the longest-operating distributor of light, medium and short range passenger planes and Bell helicopters in Poland.

Speaking from Pilatus Aircraft in Stans, Ignaz Gretener, Vice President General Aviation, states “I am pleased that JB Investments has joined the group of our Pilatus Centers. With its more than 15 years long experience in selling and servicing aircraft, excellent reputation in the market and well -skilled staff, JB Investments stands out in the marketplace. Its modern facilities meet the high standards that we are setting and that our customers are expecting. I’m convinced that JB Investments will help us to increase the effectiveness of the sales and the service of the Pilatus PC-12 NG in Poland and in the Baltic States as we perceive a great potential in these markets.”

"To become appointed as Pilatus Center crowns my long -standing work and years of gaining expertise in the aviation market. We have sold over 70 new planes and helicopter so far. However, I have always felt unsatisfied that our offer does not include brands of larger business aircraft like Pilatus PC-12 NG. I am much more satisfied that in the light of a favorable economic recovery and growing interest in aviation we will be able to offer this unique plane to our customers in Poland and in the Baltic States with a guarantee of its authorized service” says Jan Borowski, President of JB Investments.


Since its introduction in 1994, the PC-12 has steadily grown in sales and success to become one of the top selling turbine-powered business aircraft in the world. Its main advantages are: the possibility to take off from and land on short, grass airstrips, 9-seat cabin, the largest in this class and range of up to 3,000 km. During the last 16 years, over 1,000 PC-12 were sold all over the world.


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