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New suppliers announced for Embraer’s E-Jets

June 7, 2013, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bra. - Embraer S.A. has selected new suppliers for the second-generation E-Jets, whose commercial launch should occur this year. This new family of jets is expected to go into service in 2018.

June 7, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Intertechnique, a company belonging to the Zodiac Aerospace Group, will supply the systems for engine and APU fuel feed, pressure refueling, fuel transfer, fuel tank inerting and ventilation, and fuel gauging and control.

Embraer also chose Crane Aerospace & Electronics to supply the electronic control module for landing gear and its proximity sensors, as well as the proximity sensors for doors, landing gear and ground spoilers; and the brake control systems, including the electronic control module and valves.

The Triumph Group, Inc. will supply fuselage segments, rudder and elevators, while Aernnova AEROSPACE S.A. will provide the vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

The E-Jets second generation is a significant step in Embraer’s commitment to continuously invest the company’s line of commercial jets. State-of-the-art engines, in combination with new aerodynamically advanced wings, full fly-by-wire flight controls, and advancements in other systems, will result in double-digit improvements in fuel burn, maintenance costs, emissions and external noise. The Company’s objective is to offer the best product and maintain its leadership in the 70 to 120-seat market. More than 950 E-Jets have been delivered to date. 65 customers from 47 countries have added Embraer E-Jets to their fleets.



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