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Newmerical Technologies International joins forces with NRC

July 11, 2012, Franborough, U.K. - The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and Newmerical Technologies International (NTI) announced today an exclusive licensing agreement for NTI to use, market and further develop an innovative NRC-patented in-flight icing modeling technology that can predict the shape and structural details of in-flight ice accretions affecting aircraft safety.

July 11, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

“NRC is a pioneer in computational and experimental predictions of ice accretion and, for more than 20 years, has been conducting tests in mixed icing conditions to increase understanding of aircraft icing,” said Jerzy Komorowski, General Manager NRC Aerospace. “NTI is a major global player in computational approaches to aerospace icing issues, which makes this Canadian firm an ideal candidate to commercialize this NRC technology, worldwide.”

About the morphogenetic modeling technology

The morphogenetic modeling technology, developed and patented by the National Research Council, emulates the behavior of individual fluid elements, whereas in other icing models, the emphasis is on the bulk mass flux of supercooled water drops. The NRC model allows the simulation of the stochastic variability of the accreted ice shape and mass, in a manner consistent with observations in nature and in icing tunnels, something that cannot be achieved with conventional continuous, deterministic models. Because of this innovative approach, the model can predict the formation of discontinuous ice structures, ice surface roughness and other imperfections of aircraft ice accretions.


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