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Transport Canada reinstates Missinippi Airways
Transport Canada has reinstated a Manitoba airline's air operator certificate after suspending it in late October over safety concerns.
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Canadian military seeks SAR expansion in Arctic
The Canadian military wants to expand search-and-rescue (SAR) coverage in the Arctic, but is looking to private contractors and civilian volunteers to fill the ranks.
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Calgary's AeroMechanical Services seeks arbitrator
AeroMechanical Services Ltd. said last week that it has gone to court in a dispute with Sierra Nevada Corp., against which it is claiming close to $4 million in damages.
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Canadian air security agency going too far: report
Canada's privacy czar says the national air security agency is collecting too much information about travellers – sometimes including details about the cash they take on their trips.
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Chief executive vows Diamond has great chance to shine
Diamond Aircraft has its D-Jet back on a flight path, but it just might be in for a rough ride, says a leading aviation analyst.
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