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Porter receives two more Q400 aircraft
Porter Airlines accepted two new Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft on Monday, bringing the company’s fleet to 26. Porter, one of the world’s largest operators of Q400 aircraft, placed the US $61 million order for the two aircraft in March 2011.
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Héroux-Devtek captures top award from Embraer
Héroux-Devtek Inc. today announced that Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer awarded the Embraer Suppliers Award - ESC 2011 in the Development Program category to its Landing Gear products operations.
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American Airlines restructuring shouldn't impact passengers
For the 240,000 passengers who fly American Airlines each day, the airline's bankruptcy filing should have little noticeable impact.
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Top Aces standing offer extended to 2013
Top Aces, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Air, has announced that its Interim Contracted Airborne Training Services (ICATS) Standing Offer arrangements have been extended by the Government of Canada for a 12-month period, taking the service delivery to June 2013.
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Northern aviation community mourns Laserich's death
People across the North are mourning the loss of a well-known member of the aviation community.
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