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Honda seeking a piece of the BizAv pie
Honda Motor Co. expects to grab at least a quarter of the world market for small business jets soon after delivering its first aircraft next year, achieving the company's long-standing goal of taking to the skies.
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Textron has no plans for big Cessna jet
Cessna Aircraft’s parent company, Textron, put to rest questions of whether Cessna would resurrect a plan to build a big business jet. “It would be a huge investment to go do that,” Textron chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly said last week about re-entering the large-business-jet market.
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R985 Aero Recip
What is TFTBO?

TFTBO or Trouble Free to TBO is Aero Recip’s one-of-kind maintenance process for P&W R985 and R1340 cylinders. Developed in 1997 and Transport Canada Approved, TFTBO has achieved terrific success in preventing head and barrel leakage and/or separation. We are so confident in TFTBO we stand behind our work with a 1000 hr warranty against head and barrel leakage and/or separation.

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Aero Recip is Canada’s largest piston engine overhaul facility specializing in the overhaul/exchange of Lycoming, Continental and P&W engines and related accessories.

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Reveal Imaging introduces liquid detection testing
Reveal Imaging has announced that it has successfully passed laboratory testing and met the requirements set by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) for screening and detecting liquids contained inside passenger baggage.
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Special milestone for Cessna Citation Mustang
Cessna Aircraft Company rolled its 400th Citation Mustang off the assembly line at its Independence, Kan., facility. This milestone was accomplished in a little more than five years since the Mustang's first delivery in November 2006.
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More support announced for R&D in Manitoba
Companies in Manitoba's aerospace research and development sector will be positioned to gain an increased competitive advantage, thanks to federal funding announced last week by the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification.
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