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Health minister tightens leash on Ornge
Ontario's health minister is tightening the leash on the province's troubled air ambulance service, one day after police launched a criminal probe. Deb Matthews said last week she will introduce legislation that will boost oversight of the agency, including more audit and inspections powers.
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Air traffic controllers name markers after Montreal Canadiens' legends
Air Traffic Controllers working at the NAV CANADA Area Control Centre (ACC) in Montreal have paid tribute to five hockey legends by naming new waypoints and arrival procedures after the former Canadiens.
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AC pilots demanding more info. on new low-cost carrier
Air Canada's pilots union says a deal could be reached to create a low-cost carrier if the airline satisfies concerns about the "hollowing out" of the mainline carrier.
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Horizon Air orders two NextGen airliners
Bombardier Aerospace says it has a firm order to sell a pair of its Q400 NextGen airliners to Horizon Air of Seattle for about $60 million.
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Embraer delivers 300th Phenom jet
Embraer recently delivered the 300th Phenom jet, capping off the latest series of milestones, which includes the assembly and first flight of the initial aircraft from the company’s year-old Melbourne facility in Florida.
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