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More from Wings | Training | MRO | Events June 12, 2012
2012 global airline profits slight at best: IATA
Squeezed by high oil prices, the world airline industry's profit will be slim this year and could be wiped out if Europe tumbles into recession, the global aviation trade group said Monday.
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Demand of Bombardier regional aircraft starts to grow
A lull in regional aircraft orders won by Bombardier Inc. may be nearing an end as demand is expected to heat up from U.S. airlines, industry analysts said last Friday.
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We're looking for Canada's top FBOs – and you can help!
Professionalism, impeccable customer service and attention to detail. They're key elements that drive all reliable fixed based operators (FBO) and WINGS magazine is once again searching for the country's top facilities.
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CAE awarded $110 million in military contracts
CAE yesterday announced that it was awarded a series of military contracts valued at more than $110 million. They include contracts to develop a suite of fixed wing training devices, and to continue providing in-service support for Canada's CF-18 fleet.
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L-3 MAS to provide support for DND’s CC-150 Airbus Fleet
L-3 MAS, with its partner Avianor Inc., announced June 7 that it has been awarded a contract from the Canadian government to provide complete in-service support (ISS) services for the Department of National Defence (DND) CC-150 ‘Polaris’ Airbus fleet.
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