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More from Wings | Training | MRO | Events August 20, 2013
CSeries service entry delayed until early 2015
Bombardier's new CSeries commercial jet appears to be approaching its long-awaited maiden flight, but industry analysts believe the plane won't begin commercial service until early 2015.
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Pipeline patrol pilot taking photos before crash
An investigation into a fatal plane crash in southern Alberta last summer warns about the dangers of distracted flying.
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Call for CBAA Convention Committee Volunteers

CBAA is now recruiting members for the Convention Program Committee (CPC) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). We ask members of the 2013 CPC to please confirm their availability to serve for an additional year on the 2014 CPC Committee.

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AVICAST deal will boost aerospace in China
The Chinese aerospace industry has been given a leg up with the establishment of a joint venture between AVIC International Zhuhai and Canada-based Agaro Ltd., a consulting firm that specializes in building operational and financial workflows and technical solutions in the aerospace industry.
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The value of the Webster Memorial Trophy
In 1932, the first Webster Memorial Trophy Competition was launched to honour the memory of a young aviator, John C. Webster, who had suffered a tragic fatality in an aviation accident. That event occurred decades ago and yet the competition persists here and now in a completely different age of aviation.
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Boeing to investigate wiring defect on 787 Dreamliner
Boeing has announced that it will investigate the wiring defect that affected a fire extinguisher system on its wide-body, twin-engine 787 Dreamliner.
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