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Northstar aerospace workers protest pension cuts

Workers at an aerospace plant in Milton have taken over the facility and stopped production to protest pension cuts. The occupation is happening while the company is taking legal action to regain control.

August 14, 2017  By CHCH news

Workers, retirees and union members have set up a picket line in front of the Northstar Aerospace Plant while others have locked themselves inside the facility stopping all production

They’ve been here since four yesterday morning and say they aren’t budging until Northstar agrees to fund a 25% shortfall in pensions for workers who are facing job loses, as well as retirees

Heligear Canada says in a statement that the pension was underfunded due to poor management before it purchased the plant in 2012 and it doesn’t control the pension design or its investments.

Heligear says it is pursuing legal action to recover control of the plant.


The union says these workers aren’t going anywhere….

The union says its attempted to negotiate a closure agreement to protect current pension provisions and benefits since January, after the company announced it’s planning to relocate its equipment to Windsor and Chicago in September.


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