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NRC launches Air Travel Research centre

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, on behalf Canada’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development sector led by Navdeep Bains, announced the launch of the Centre for Air Travel Research. To be managed by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the centre is the world's first and only facility designed to study the air travel experience from start to finish; from check-in to terminal, to security, boarding, flying, and deplaning.

November 20, 2018  By Wings Staff

“Canadians want safe, efficient, affordable, and comfortable air travel services,” said Garneau. “The National Research Council of Canada’s Centre for Air Travel Research – a research and development facility – will benefit travellers, airlines, and aircraft manufacturers from around the world.”

The Centre for Air Travel Research has five laboratories that simulate and study a passenger’s complete air travel experience. In addition to offering a realistic recreation of an airport terminal, the Centre for Air Travel Research also includes the Flexible Cabin Laboratory, complete with an A320 aircraft cabin that allows for the study of passenger flight experience, human vibration, and more.

The centre, explains the government, provides the aerospace industry with a flexible, collaborative space to develop, integrate, and evaluate aerospace technologies, systems and materials. This includes providing a testing platform for airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and cabin equipment and systems suppliers. The centre will also look at environmentally progressive business development.
“Using a holistic approach, our simulator draws from our team’s diverse knowledge base in areas like environmental controls, vibration, avionics, and human factors to help improve passenger comfort, safety and enroute efficiency,” said Iain Stewart, president of the National Research Council of Canada. “We are proud to be investing in technology platforms that will be critical for the long-term success of the aerospace industry.”

In 2017, more than 140 million passengers travelled through Canadian airports. Last year, the aerospace industry contributed to Canada’s economy through more than 188,000 direct and indirect jobs, generating more than $24.5 billion in gross domestic product value.



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