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NRC and Aerolia Canada ink strategic agreement

June 19, 2013, Montreal - The National Research Council of Canada today signed a five-year collaborative research agreement with Aerolia to conduct research and development activities in the areas of advanced machining and various metallic and composite technologies.

June 19, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

This agreement builds on almost 25 years of research collaboration between NRC and EADS and its subsidiaries.

“We have developed a critical mass of leading-edge expertise in the latest aerospace manufacturing technologies required for the development of next generation aircraft and their promise of maximum performance at minimum cost,” said John R. McDougall, president of the National Research Council of Canada. “This collaborative research agreement with Aerolia will harness this expertise, turn research and development needs and ideas into technology-based solutions, and help enhance Canada’s aerospace position on the world stage.”

"This framework agreement will give us the ability to get the best from NRC's expertise and will ensure long-term collaboration for the main benefit of Aerolia Canada" highlights Christian Cornille, CEO of AEROLIA. Furthermore, Jean Botti, CTO of EADS insists on: “the importance of innovation within EADS, from which Aerolia benefited in Europe”. He then declares: “we’re confident that this extended cooperation will be largely beneficial to Aerolia in Canada and all its suppliers, existing and to come”.



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