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OMNR unveils its new CL-415 FFT X SIM

May 23, 2013, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. - Executives from Mechtronix, the Canadian-based flight simulator business, and the Minister of Natural Resources joined Ontario’s firefighting program members to formally unveil a new flight training device to train crews on the Canadair CL-415 water bomber in anticipation of the 2013 fire season.

May 23, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Certified to FTD Level 6 by Transport Canada, the Mechtronix CL-415 FFT X has been acquired to allow provincial CL-415 pilots and engineers to train in Ontario on a simulator tailored to their needs rather than travelling outside the province, saving considerable time and costs for the Ontario Government.
The FFT X provides a complete simulation of the CL-415’s aircraft systems and flight handling, to satisfy training of normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures. It also includes an enhanced visual system permitting training for the fire fighting mission of the CL-415, including water scooping on lakes and drops on fires.  Different types of fires are capable of being simulated.  The FFT X™ is capable of replicating the sights and sounds of the CL-415 aircraft thanks to the most advanced simulation technology available. Motion effects are also provided to the flight crew, due to an advanced motion cueing system integrated into the flight crew’s seats.
Vito Longo, Senior Director of Operations at Mechtronix, said that he is pleased with the choice of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to trust Canadian expertise: “The CL-415 FFT X comprises the highest level of simulation necessary to meet the demanding requirements of Ontario’s firefighting program,” he said, “and we are honored to be part of the solution to diminish the threat of forest fires throughout the province.”
David Orazietti, Minister of Natural Resources, commented “Our government has invested in a new, $8.5 million flight simulator and training centre in Sault Ste. Marie which is the first of its kind in the province. This new centre will help to strengthen our fire fighting program by ensuring that our highly skilled water bomber pilots and air engineers have the support they need to play a key role in keeping Ontarians safe from the threat of forest fires.”
The ceremony took place at the brand new training centre of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada on May 23.


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