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Ottawa Aviation Services acquires Mechtronix simulator

May 19, 2010, Montreal - Mechtronix Systems Inc. today announced that Ottawa Aviation Services (OAS), based in Ottawa, Ontario has acquired an Ascent Turboprop Trainer configured as a generic regional turboprop with conversion kits to multi and single engine piston.

May 19, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

The FSTD will be used for Ab-Initio training, Turboprop Transition, Crew Resource Management (“CRM”) as well as Instrument Flight Rating (“IFR”) courses.
“The Ascent(R) Turboprop Trainer(TM) will improve the quality and safety of our training program and expand our professional curriculum to better prepare our students for commercial operations”, said Cedric Paillard, Co-Owner and Vice President at OAS. “Integrating Mechtronix’ leading flight simulator technology into our training programs will be a real gain for our students, allowing them to improve their flying skills in both normal and abnormal aircraft operation.”
Added Paillard, “We are convinced that Mechtronix' leading technology will be a real gain for OAS. The Mechtronix simulator strengthens our position in the international marketplace with complete ab-initio to advanced training curricula. The Ascent Turboprop Trainer, configured as a Beechcraft King Air B200, will be available to Canadian and international commercial operators as a cost-effective means of enhancing their emergency and procedural training.”
“Being selected by a professional flight training organization like OAS confirms our market leading position in the General Aviation market”, said Xavier Hervé, President, Mechtronix Systems Inc. “The flexibility of offering turboprop and piston engine training will bring OAS real added value to their curriculum. The Ascent Turboprop Trainer is Mechtronix “blockbuster” with flying schools; we have gained a very high level of experience since we first designed it and our long list of references worldwide is a testimony of its efficiency. This new success at home base strengthens once again Mechtronix’ privileged business relationship with the Canadian aviation community.”
The Ascent Turboprop Trainer will provide student pilots with the highest level of visual fidelity through a 180° x 35° visual display system along with superior definition, contrast, brightness and refresh rate via a FFS-quality Raster/xT Image Generator from RSI. The device brings additional flexibility to its users; it is equipped with conversion kits to single and multi engine piston to support VFR and IFR training sessions. The FSTD will come with a Garmin GNS 430 and a semi-enclosed Instructor Operating Station that facilitates the interaction between instructor and student.
The unit will be delivered in the autumn of 2010 and be located in OAS training facilities at the Ottawa International Airport, in Ottawa, Canada. The Ascent Turboprop Trainer will be qualified under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (TP96-85), equivalent to JAR-FSTD A FNPT II MCC under EASA regulations.


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