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P&WC delivering BizAv results

May 14, 2012, Geneva, Sui. - Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) continues to invest in its industry-leading customer service capability, ensuring the company remains on top with the most extensive support resources to operators in the business aviation segment.

May 14, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

By organizing its operations around customers' needs and their locations, P&WC has built a unique global aftermarket service capability that responds 24/7 anywhere in the world.

"The foundation of our customer service strategy is delivering the most dependable engines and standing behind our product with the best service and support for our customers," said Raffaele Virgili, Vice President, Customer Service, P&WC. "The fact that we have approximately 50,000 engines operating in 200 countries across business and general aviation, regional airlines and helicopter markets has allowed us to build the largest, most comprehensive support capability in the industry, with the ability to serve our customers anywhere, anytime."

Recent developments in P&WC customer service include:

Network expansion


—  P&WC has partnered with AVIC to create an MRO joint venture in Zhuzhou,
    Hunan Province, China for civil-certified PT6A and PW100 series engines.
    The agreement expands P&WC's global service network to China providing
    business and regional operators access to maintenance, repair and
    overhaul services in this important growth market.
—  The company has added 15 new team members at its customer service hub in
    Singapore, including customer managers and engineers, CFirst event
    managers providing front-line support, and accessories specialists who
    provide support on the full complement of P&WC engines located in the
—  P&WC's Service Centre located in Long Beach, California, has expanded
    its capabilities to better serve its turboshaft family of engines,
    specifically PW206 and PW207, concentrated on the western coast of the
    United States. The PW200 family of engines serves the corporate and VIP
    transport market, as well as emergency medical services, utility, law
    enforcement and other operations.
Diagnostic and prognostic tools

—  The company has introduced a free, online engine diagnostic tool,
    powered by Spotlight(R), for its PW300 turbofan, PW100 turboprop and
    PW200 turboshaft engine families, which enables customers of P&WC
    Technical Publications to diagnose their engine issues quickly and
—  P&WC has introduced the FAST(TM) (Flight Acquisition Storage and
    Transmission) solution, a new product designed to automatically acquire,
    store and transmit engine and aircraft flight data for analysis, helping
    create a planned maintenance environment for operators.
Speed and simplicity

—  P&WC is putting its technical publications online via the P&WC customer
    portal. Customers can now renew their subscriptions, and order new
    subscriptions, via the customer portal with the actual manuals provided
    via CD-ROM. During the course of 2012, engine manuals will be migrated
    online giving customers instant access to the latest information about
    their engines.
—  In 2011, in P&WC's MRO facilities, continuous improvement tools were
    used to reduce turnaround times by approximately 20 per cent, an example
    of the company's focus on delivering exceptional service value that
    minimizes downtime for P&WC operators.
Flexible solutions

—  The company has introduced a FLEX enrolment option for its ESP(R)
    Program designed for in-service engines allowing operators to avoid a
    lump-sum buy-in at enrolment.
—  Earlier this year, P&WC introduced a PW200 engine exchange program
    creating a cost-effective alternative to an overhaul, greatly reducing
    the logistics involved and eliminating turnaround times. The first
    engine model being introduced is the PW206B2 powering the Eurocopter
    EC135, which is widely used for executive transport, as well as police
    and emergency medical services. Additional PW200 models will become part
    of this program based on market demand.
"We see ourselves as our customers' business partner and that drives us to seek ways to help them keep costs down, help them work more efficiently, and consistently respond to their needs," said Virgili. "In everything that we do, we seek to have an immediate and beneficial impact on our customers and their business operations."


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