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P&WC, NetJets ink new deal for Cessna Citation Latitude jets

June 15, 2012, Longueuil, Que. - Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has signed a 15-year on-condition Fleet Maintenance Program (FMP(R)) with NetJets for the PW306D turbofan engines that will power the fleet of Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft that the fractional jet ownership company will begin flying in 2016.

June 15, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

With the on-condition FMP(R), there are no hard-time intervals for hot section inspections or overhauls, offering new levels of flexibility to the operator. Instead, P&WC evaluates each engine enrolled in the FMP(R) and makes maintenance decisions based on ongoing performance. P&WC is a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) company.

"NetJets operates one of the largest P&WC-powered fleets of business aircraft and we are pleased to break new ground with them in developing an FMP solution that's tailored to their needs," said Raffaele Virgili, P&WC Vice-President, Customer Service. "We see ourselves as our customers' business partner, so it is natural for us to want to help them keep their operating costs down."

The on-condition FMP(R) agreement covers 50 installed engines and options for an additional 50 P&WC PW306D engines. The on-condition program is available for all PW306D operators and complements the standard Fleet Management Program, which is available for all Pratt & Whitney Canada engines.

"The 15-year on-condition FMP(R) was an important breakthrough for us, providing less downtime, improved maintenance planning and better aircraft availability," said Chuck Suma, Senior Vice-President, Aircraft Management. "Given the nature of our business, these capabilities are critical to our overall operation and P&WC's flexible on-condition FMP(R) brings real value to NetJets customers."


"Whatever the service challenge, we can meet it," said Virgili. "We have developed the network, the technology, and the capability to be able to make, and keep, that promise."


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