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PAL Aerospace earns air ambulance contract for Nova Scotia

February 10, 2022  By Wings Staff

A PAL Aerospace Emergency Health Services (EHS) Nova Scotia air ambulance (Photo: CNW Group/PAL Aerospace Ltd.)PAL Aerospace Emergency Health Services (EHS) Nova Scotia Air Ambulance (CNW Group/PAL Aerospace Ltd.)

PAL Aerospace has been awarded a contract for the continued provision of air ambulance services for the Province of Nova Scotia. The company, which is part of the largest air ambulance service provider in Canada through parent Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), has been delivering fixed-wing air ambulance services, in partnership with EHS LifeFlight, under contract in the Province of Nova Scotia since 2000.

This new contract extends PAL Aerospace’s services in Nova Scotia for an additional seven years, with an option to extend for an additional three years.

“This award affirms PAL Aerospace’s long-standing partnership with Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and EHS LifeFlight in the delivery of leading-edge fixed-wing air ambulance services for the Province of Nova Scotia,” said PAL Aerospace CEO Jake Trainor. “Through the course of our work together, we have made extensive investments in technology training and interoperability to ensure we are offering the most consistent, reliable and safe medical transports possible.”

PAL Aerospace explains its partnership with EHS LifeFlight has been integral to the achievement of accreditation at the highest level for fixed-wing air ambulance services from the Global Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).


“We are pleased that this highly successful partnership with PAL Aerospace will be continuing,” said Colin Flynn, Senior Manager of EHS LifeFlight. “PAL Aerospace play an integral role in our ability to provide the highest level of care to the people of the Maritimes”.\

PAL Aerospace and EHS LifeFlight explain they have also invested significant engineering resources in the development of integrated patient handling systems to ensure the delivery of top-quality health services while improving patient care and safety, developed specialized neonatal and bariatric patient handling and care services, and have established a uniquely integrated and equipped facility which is hosted by PAL Aerospace at Halifax International Airport for fixed-wing, rotary and ground ambulance support.

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“This award is particularly gratifying for PAL Aerospace given our deep roots and long history in the Province of Nova Scotia,” said Trainor. “Through our over 65 years of continual presence in the market, we understand firsthand the vital importance of providing the best possible air ambulance service to the people of the province. We are honoured to have been again selected to deliver these essential services.”



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