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Perfect weather for “Super Bowl” of air shows

July 29, 2011, Oshkosh, Wi. - It's arguably the
world's greatest aviation event and this year's
version of EAA AirVenture air show in Osh Kosh,
Wisc. July 25-31 certainly didn't disappoint.
Editor Matt Nicholls was there and captured the
following cool images.


July 29, 2011
Matt Nicholls
p6233619.mgn  p6233621.mgn

p6233622.mgn p6233650.mgn

p6233634.mgn p6233639.mgn

p6233672.mgn  p6233685.mgn

p6233715.mgn  p6233744.mgn


p6233793.mgn  p6233800.mgn

p6233812.mgn  p6233819.mgn

p6233823.mgn p6233825.mgn

p6233831.mgn p6233845.mgn

p6233851.mgn p6233857.mgn

p6233876.mgn p6233906.mgn

p6233913.mgn p6233921.mgn

p6233929.mgn p6233934.mgn

p6243935.mgn p6243942.mgn

p6243965.mgn p6243973.mgn

p6243989.mgn p6244021.mgn

p6244069.mgn p6244070.mgn

p6244077.mgn p6244105.mgn

p6244150.mgn p6244161.mgn