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Pilatus PC-12 NGX earns Transport Canada certification

July 30, 2020  By Wings Staff

Unveiled by Pilatus in October 2019, the PC-12 NGX is the first aircraft to leverage Pratt & Whitney’s new PT6E-67XP engine. (Photo: Pilatus)

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. achieved Transport Canada Type Certification for its single-engine PC-12 NGX turboprop aircraft. Levaero Aviation, Canada’s Authorized Pilatus Sales & Service Centre, plans to begin a country-wide demonstration tour of the aircraft this September.

“The PC-12 NGX is a showcase for the advanced technology collaboration between Pilatus, Pratt & Whitney Canada, and Honeywell,” said Thomas Bosshard, CEO, Pilatus Business Aircraft, noting how the NGX builds on the strong market position of the PC-12, accounting for a worldwide fleet of more than 1,700 aircraft. “Together, we took the best, and made it even better. What’s more, our customers do not have to wait years into the future to enjoy these benefits, the PC-12 NGX is here today.”

Pilatus explains the PC-12 NGX – a third-generation of the PC-12 – features an improved Pratt & Whitney PT6E engine, smarter avionics and a redesigned cabin with larger windows, among a range of advances. The PC-12 NGX holds a maintenance interval extension to 600 hours, an increase of 1,500 hours to the engine TBO (now 5,000 hours), and hourly direct operating costs reduced by at least nine per cent.

The Experience Engine, Inside the Pratt & Whitney PT6 E-Series


“The NGX is the latest iteration of Pilatus’ class-leading PC-12 and will find a welcome home in Canada’s diverse operational environment,” said Stan Kuliavas, VP of sales and business development, Levaero Aviation. “Canada is now home to more than 100 PC-12s, and we look forward to the NGX joining those ranks in short order.”


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