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Pilot says there’s room for more women to take to the skies

At a pilot training course for Singapore Airlines' Scoot carrier, Eva Maria Thien stood out among the participants because she was the only woman. She also was the instructor.

July 29, 2015  By Bloomberg News

She’s a rarity in the male-dominated world of pilots. Just three per cent of pilots worldwide are female, and in Singapore, where Thien is based, the figure is about one per cent. By comparison, women make up about 23 per cent of the leadership ranks at technology companies like Facebook and Yahoo. Thien broke through with a blend of determination, skill and love for flying. She was willing to bide her time and work her way up in Europe until she was promoted, before moving to Asia. She wants to see other women follow in her path and break down the cockpit door.

“When things get tough you really, really need to work hard,” said Thien, 50. | READ MORE


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