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Pliot leaders praise Canadian North crew for safe landing after bird strike

Pilot leaders of the Canadian North Master Executive Council (MEC), represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) commended the crew of a recent Canadian North flight for their professionalism in performing a successful emergency landing after an engine failure due to a bird strike.

November 24, 2015  By ALPA

“As professional pilots, our first responsibility and obligation is and always will be the safe transportation of our passengers,” said Capt. Olivier Goudreau, chairman of ALPA’s Canadian North MEC. “On behalf of the Canadian North MEC, we applaud the extraordinary efforts by these Canadian North pilots whose quick thinking and skill helped safely land the damaged aircraft and protect the lives of all passengers and crew onboard.”
Shortly after takeoff from Calgary International Airport last Wednesday evening, the Canadian North charter flight struck several birds, requiring the crew to complete a shutdown of the left engine. The crew returned to the airport and made an emergency landing.
“These pilots are a testament to the dedication and commitment to safety that pilots demonstrate on a daily basis. Through their expert piloting skills and training, a potential disaster was averted. We are pleased to commend both pilots for serving as a model of professionalism for all airline pilots,” said Goudreau.


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