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Presagis releases new versions of SIM software

Nov. 8, 2011, Montreal - Presagis announced today that it has released version 11.0 of FlightSIM and HeliSIM, Presagis Simulation software solutions.

November 8, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

With user experience as a driving factor behind the newly designed user interface (UI), customers will get more out of these off-the-shelf simulation software applications.

“The upgrades to both FlightSIM and HeliSIM were inspired by our customers’ and partners’ feedback,” said Eric Simon, Vice President of Modeling and Simulation Solutions and Services at Presagis.  “By breaking down the barriers of legacy tools, version 11.0 brings a new innovative interface to the developer while streamlining work, improving usability, and increasing productivity.”

With a new multi-platform UI framework for Windows and Linux, FlightSIM and HeliSIM v.11.0 enable users to develop in an environment that meet their specific work needs, allowing them to improve their ability to navigate the tool and development workflow.  The visually appealing UI takes advantage of the latest technology to provide easy access to basic features and advanced functions of the tool, including online help, embedded graphs, and graphical representations of aircraft systems and subsystems.  Tighter integration with the built-in 3D OTW viewer ensures developers can fly a model within the application for quick and easy validation, testing, and simulation of the aircraft.

Additional features and enhancements include:


New physics-based aircraft/helicopter models:  Eliminating the need to develop models from scratch, HeliSIM and FlightSIM v.11.0 include new models allowing faster simulation delivery.  New models in FlightSIM v.11.0 includes the F-18, Predator, and 767, while HeliSIM v.11.0 includes a new attack helicopter model.

Interoperability with industry standard terrain formats: FlightSIM and HeliSIM, version 11.0, offer standards-based interoperability with terrain formats such as OpenFlight, Common Database (CDB), and MetaFlight, as well as compatibility with TerraPage.

Support for latest OS and related output compilers: Windows XP (32 bits), Windows 7 (64 bits), Red Hat 5.1 (32 and 64 bits).


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