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Presagis teams with Aeroconseil

March 15, 2012, Montreal - Presagis and Aeroconseil today announced a strategic business relationship.

March 15, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The relationship provides both groups’ customers a powerful, combined solution, consisting of expert consulting services and solutions that can be leveraged from cockpit design through to final certification.

Aeroconseil’s consulting services include a holistic understanding of the aircraft’s entire development life-cycle, from design to operation; making AKKA Technologies Group a unique player in the aeronautics sector.  Aeroconseil’s use of Presagis best-in-class tools, VAPS XT and VAPS XT-178, enables both Groups to offer customers dynamic, interactive, graphical interfaces for safety and mission-critical avionics and embedded displays. Presagis COTS object-oriented DO-178B qualifiable HMI tools facilitate the certification process, enabling the development of avionics graphics’ applications that can be certified to comply with safety critical regulations while meeting the broad range of requirements from diverse aerospace customers.

“The Aeroconseil – Presagis relationship provides increased value to our customers,” said Nicolas Lambert, Head of the Operations and Cockpit Systems department, Aeroconseil.  “Customers will benefit from the world-leading expertise in cockpit design and human factors, from the preliminary and conceptual studies until certification.  Aeroconseil and AKKA Technologies Group assist their customers in defining a process that enables them to structure cockpit design phases using rapid prototyping cycles, as well as include Human Factor aspects.  Presagis tools greatly support the process that we help define.”

“With its strong international presence, Aeroconseil delivers cutting edge avionics consulting to the industry. This expertise, combined with Presagis next-generation HMI development software, is a natural fit,” said Robert Kopersiewich, Vice President Embedded Graphics & Mission Critical Solutions, Presagis.  “Our shared goal is to push the boundaries in avionics and embedded display technology in order to deliver the most advanced, dynamic, and interactive displays available on the market today.”



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