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Bell 505 Utility Hook


Mark Taylor, Owner of Rocky Mountain Rotors speaks to the cargo hook performance of the Bell 505

There are 6 universities doing research trying to better date the Tetons. Our bigger aircraft weren’t competitive, so I bid the 505. There was a company out of Salt Lake bidding their Long Light Single, which they had used the first year, but the universities were looking for something a little less expensive. We ended up carrying 750 lb of load up to Delta Lake which is at 9,016 feet. It’s in a little bowl, so you’re close to 9200 ft when you’re flying in.

Temperature was around 0o C. It was wintertime, so we set everything down on the ice of the lake. You’re on the east side of the Tetons, prevailing winds out of the southwest and we have a bigger induced flow off the top of the mountain coming over the top of the rotor blades. It was an easy set in there, gentle, had a lot of outs. I went to full left pedal and still had engine power remaining. We did about 8 sets and then several days later I had to go pick up the equipment and then switch everything back and take the crew out. To keep everything as light as possible, I removed the seats, which isn’t a big deal but everything helps when you’re dealing with those altitudes. Easy to throw the seats back in and pull the crew back out at the end.

Why are helicopters the right tool for the job?

“It’s probably everybody’s dream to fly and, if you’re going to fly, there isn’t a fixed wing pilot out there that wouldn’t admit they want to or would love to fly helicopters”

What features attracted you to the Bell 505?

“Right now, the 505 is the best trainer on the market. I see students learning quicker, under less stress”

“Our customers love the 505. the performance of the helicopter is impressive.”

What makes Bell a great industry partner?

“they stood behind everything they said they would do in the beginning. We’ve been extremely happy with the Bell 505, it performs better than we expected”

                 – Mark Taylor, Founder, Co-Owner and Chief Pilot for Rocky Mountain Rotors.



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