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Productivity Alberta launches benchmarking program

March 28, 2012, Edmonton - Productivity Alberta announces the launch of a new pilot program designed to help small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in Alberta currently engaged in, or desiring access to opportunities in the global aerospace and defence supply chain.

March 28, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The Aerospace & Defence Productivity and Competitiveness Program addresses diversification and economic growth objectives identified in Alberta's aerospace and defence industry strategy – A Vector to Diversity.

The Aerospace & Defence Productivity and Competitiveness Program will begin a pilot phase in May 2012 taking five Alberta companies through an industry-specific assessment program, benchmarking them across seventeen core competency areas deemed critical to global aerospace and defence supply chain requirements.  Future phases will use information from the pilot to enhance the program and address a larger contingent of companies.

Productivity Alberta has contracted Synergetics Group Inc. of Calgary to implement the program's pilot phase.  During the eleven-month pilot, five Alberta companies will be assessed and provided a prescription of improvement needs. This prescription will identify areas of improvement and connections to services to meet those needs. When implemented, the prescription will increase each company's capability and will result in achievement of higher productivity and competitiveness levels as defined in the program's model. Companies engaged in the program will ultimately access greater opportunities within the aerospace and defence supply chain, increasing business revenues.  The Productivity and Competitiveness Program model and benchmarking concept is also transferable to other industry sectors.

Allison Byrne, Senior Director of Business and Program Development for Productivity Alberta commented, "The Productivity and Competitiveness Program is an important initiative to improve the productivity and bottom line performance of Alberta's aerospace and defence industry. The program adds to the already established suite of tools and services offered by Productivity Alberta."


The eleven-month pilot builds on work completed in 2011, and is focused on building a stronger aerospace and defence sector in Alberta.  Active involvement in the program will provide an important indicator of capability and commitment of the participating companies to global industry players actively seeking qualified supply partners.

Following the program's pilot phase, Productivity Alberta will conduct a formal evaluation to test the viability of delivering the program in the future.  If a decision is made to proceed with follow-on phases, Productivity Alberta will issue an invitation to the consulting community to participate in the program's delivery.


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