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PV Labs to commercialize MDAs ice camera technology

Oct. 6, 2011, Toronto -  PV Labs Inc., a Trivaris Portfolio Company, focused on high-end image acquisition and analytics, today announced the assignment of a licensing agreement from Trivaris Ltd., and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., to commercialize MDA's Ice Detection Sensor Technology.

October 6, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The patented Ice Detection Sensor Technology detects ice on all surfaces including roads, runways and aircraft, with the potential for applications in a variety of transportation safety uses. Specific demand has been expressed within the aviation industry where the detection of ice on aircraft is critical. MDA's patented technology uses the principal of spectral reflectivity to detect and identify the unique spectral signature of ice.

"MDA has established itself as a world-wide leader in sensor technology and we are excited to be working closely with their team to accelerate the commercialization of the Ice Camera," said Ty Shattuck, PV Labs President and CEO. "We are anxious to engage potential customers and regulatory agencies to demonstrate the strong value proposition this technology offers to the industry. We believe the opportunity to demonstrate the significant improvements in reliability and cost-effectiveness of this ice detection solution will stimulate a new safety standard for aviation and the transportation industry as a whole," he added. MDA has assigned key technical resources to collaborate with PV Labs to ensure product development is fast-tracked. The team's objective is to have the prototype of the Ice Camera available for demonstration by winter 2011 and general product availability by winter 2012.


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