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P&WC launches new oil analysis technology

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has launched a trial of a new oil analysis technology for aircraft engines that could significantly facilitate proactive maintenance interventions and drive increased aircraft availability. With more than 8,000 PW100 family engines produced and 3,000 regional turboprop-powered aircraft flying, the company is seeking "early adopters" from among its engine customers to participate in the initial launch trial of the innovative oil debris monitoring solution.

May 17, 2016  By P&WC

“Our cutting-edge oil analysis technology will take on-condition engine diagnostics and prognostics to the next level of precision and efficacy,” said Timothy Swail, vice president, customer programs, P&WC. “Once the solution reaches maturity in the next 18 to 24 months, it will have the potential to far exceed the effectiveness of any existing oil debris monitoring technology.”

The highly sensitive technology detects minute particles within engine oil, allowing for the identification of deterioration in specific oil-wetted components well before a potential event occurs without having to remove the engine. “By capturing a small oil sample at regular intervals, our new technology will enable preventive maintenance and trend monitoring to optimize engine health and aircraft availability, helping customers save time, money and effort,” said Swail.

Comparative testing carried out by P&WC has demonstrated significantly greater sensitivity and accuracy than existing oil analysis technologies, enabling the early detection of oil-wetted component deterioration. “The potential is there to significantly extend time on wing and transform unscheduled events into scheduled events, which helps to increase aircraft availability and reduce costs,” said Swail.

P&WC is asking PW100 customers to join the technology trial by contacting their field service representative. They will be asked to collect oil samples at regular intervals and ship them to P&WC for analysis (expenses paid by P&WC). Participants will have the opportunity to receive reports, for information purposes only, with oil analysis results and technology updates at no cost during the trial.



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