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P&WC sets new standard with P&WCSMART Portfolio

Regional airline operators will find the launch of P&WC’s suite of PW100SMART offerings (part of the P&WCSMART portfolio) exciting, given their innovative take on engine maintenance. The eight offerings are designed to keep aircraft flying with predictable maintenance costs, improve reliability and dispatch availability and increase time-on-wing performance. They include part discounts and credits, capped and fixed cost programs, a flat rate engine exchange, discounts on FAST and on select engines purchased through P&WC’s Fleet Enhancement Program (FEP). The PW100SMART portfolio was created based on a dialogue with our regional airline customers and their suggestions on the types of offers they would like to see. Though just launched, the PW100SMART offers have received very positive feedback from our customers, including lessors, operators, OEMs and DOFs.

October 13, 2015  By Pratt & Whitney Canada

The company previously launched P&WCSMART solutions for its PT6A and turboshaft engines, also developed based on customer input. Both have proven to be exceptionally popular with operators, exceeding company expectations.

FAST gets smarter too
Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) now has Phase 2 of its FAST system for Q400 aircraft available. The FAST (Flight Data Acquisition Storage & Transmission) system automatically transmits engine and aircraft performance data for analysis after each landing.
FAST Phase 2 turns raw data into analytic information that can be used to further reduce aircraft flight delays and cancellations. For example, Phase 2 of FAST includes a number of special metrics including data on vertical acceleration which assists in managing subsequent heavy landings and turbulence and will help prevent delays and cancellations, and the monitoring of fuel and main oil temperatures.

“Phase 2 has been developed using feedback from Q400 operators who have been using the FAST system since it was introduced in 2011”, says Richard Dussault, Vice-President, Marketing, P&WC.

FAST has found application on a number of aircraft. In September, P&WC received EASA and STC for the product on both the ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft. It had previously been approved for the Bombardier Q200, Q300 and Q400 aircraft.


“We work constantly with operators in the field, addressing issues as they arise and seeking their input on how we can better serve their needs,” says Dussault.


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