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P&WC to support Turkey’s first regional aircraft with TRJet

Pratt & Whitney Canada has announced it intends to resume production of its PW306B engine to power the TRJet aircraft in Turkey.

October 14, 2015  By Pratt & Whitney Canada

The announcement was made at the European Regions Airline Association’s 35th Annual General Assembly.

“The PW306B program allows P&WC to leverage the strengths and capabilities of one of its powerhouse turbofan engines,” says Richard Dussault, Vice President, Marketing, P&WC. “This is an exciting opportunity for both P&WC, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and its TRJet subsidiary. We consider it a coveted opportunity to help TRJet reintroduce the 328 regional aircraft.”

The PW300 is a two-spool engine with a five-stage high pressure compressor driven by a two-stage, cooled high pressure turbine and a three-stage low pressure turbine driving a robust, advanced technology fan. Thirteen PW300 models have been produced (PW305 to PW308C) ranging in thrust from 4,700 to 8,000 pounds. The PW306B is 6976-lb thrust, and is valued for its low fuel consumption, standard-setting environmental friendliness, reliability and economical operation.

The PW300 family of engines powers more mid-sized jets than any other turbofan in the world.


“The collaboration between TRJet and P&WC, a world-leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, illustrates the proven technology and aviation expertise behind the 328 and 628 aircraft series,” said Dave Jackson, Managing Director of 328.

It is expected that the jet, to be called the TRJ328, will have its first flight from Esenboga Airport, Ankara, Turkey, in 2019.


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