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Red Deer Airport enhances runway safety

March 19, 2013, Red Deer, Alta. - The Red Deer Airport (YQF) has enhanced runway safety by using modern runway surface condition reporting to share local winter airfield conditions quickly and efficiently.

March 19, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Earlier this month, the successful transmission of the airports surface condition report, which includes important information regarding pavement conditions, temperature and snow accumulation, and is vital to pilots, was completed electronically through a wireless connection to the NAV CANADA web-service known as ‘SNOWIZ’.

“This system is improving our ability to communicate the status of our airport to the aviation community is very important to our growth and demonstrates our ability to play an important role in Canadian aviation and meet international standards” states RJ Steenstra, Red Deer’s Chief Executive Officer.

The WinterOps system provides the capability to easily create graphic based surface condition reports from our airfield inspection vehicle and to send these reports wirelessly. The system allows our airfield personal to actually see what is happening with the surface conditions in real time so they can make critical decisions regarding surface maintenance requirements” states Steenstra. “We are very excited about adding the additional available capabilities to this platform, for other aspects of our year round airfield inspection and maintenance duties.”

The WinterOps system from Team Eagle is part of a suite of products designed to assist airfield operations personnel with the safety, inspection and maintenance requirements unique to the airfield environment, and includes capabilities for surface condition reporting, airfield lighting/signage, chemical management, bird and wildlife, FOD, safety management systems, incursion management, and low visibility navigation.


“Our partnership with the Red Deer Airport is very important to us and the team at the airport are terrific to work with” says Paul Cudmore, Team Eagle's General Manager. “We have benefitted by increasing our airfield knowledge and enhanced our product offering because of the collaboration with the Red Deer Team”.


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