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What a difference a year makes

October 24, 2007  By Thomas W. Mann

5What a difference a year makes. We have come full circle in the space
of one year, from unprecedented growth to an abrupt halt and ever-so
slight downturn. We have enjoyed sumptuous profits, unparalleled hiring
and more mergers than we could imagine. Yet with the slowing economy we
now see historic losses, stagnated hiring followed by cuts and
closures. For those in the industry, indeed, what a difference a year

better grasp the industry with a quick snapshot, WINGS Magazine has
again carried out its annual salary survey. This year's response was up
significantly from last year's with 318 replies, an increase of 80

The Canadian Salary Survey form was placed in WINGS and
sister publication HELICOPTERS, and also on our Web site, offering
respondents the choice of faxing or mailing the completed form, or
filling it out on line. The vast majority of respondents did the
latter. Can we assume that more pilots than ever are now connected to
the World Wide Web? Obviously, it has proven to be an easy and
convenient form of communication. Most AMEs who responded, however, did
so by fax, so they presumably are not as 'wired' as the pilots.



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