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Saskatchewan celebrates special aviation and aerospace week

Aviation and Aerospace Week has officially been proclaimed October 30 to November 5 by Highways and Infrastructure Minister David Marit.

October 31, 2017  By Government of Saskatchewan

“The aviation industry plays an important role in many of Saskatchewan’s largest industries,” Marit said. “It’s important we highlight aviation’s role in our growing economy and quality of life by providing jobs and connecting our northern communities to the rest of the province with safe and timely transportation.”

Air travel provides access to jobs and services such as the justice system, health care and air ambulances to transport critically-ill patients quickly, especially in northern Saskatchewan. It is also essential during times of crisis to evacuate communities during forest fires and floods.

While many may not consider Saskatchewan an aerospace technology hot spot, Saskatchewan has numerous companies that offer aerospace and manufacturing solutions and is home to NATO Flying Training in Canada. The technological advances being made in our province contribute to national security and safe and reliable air transportation.

“We appreciate the recognition we receive from the provincial government year after year as to the importance of the air transportation industry,” Saskatchewan Aviation Council President Janet Keim said. “Aviation and Aerospace Week provides the Saskatchewan Aviation Council with the opportunity to showcase our industry, its contributions to the province’s economic and social development and bring awareness to the incredible careers this industry has to offer.”



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