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Program: Ground School Training (ATPL, IFR, multi-crew, IATPL)


Once completed any of the programs the student must pass the Transport exams for that specific rating (INRAT, IATRA, SAMRA, SARON)


IFR seminars
The IFR seminar is designed to lead students in a logical progression through the steps and knowledge necessary to carry out an IFR flight. It is intended to help students prepare for the Instrument Rating INRAT exam and show pilots the practical world of instrument flying. It provides a solid foundation in all the practical and theoretical aspects of IFR flight.

ATPL Seminars
The ATPL ground school is a comprehensive seminar covering the information you need to write the SARON and SAMRA exams or the IATRA exam. The course delves into the knowledge you need to understand the information, correctly answer the questions on the exams and prepare for a career as an airline pilot.

Advanced multi-crew Program
This program is over 270 hours of groundschool training covering all the requirements for airline transition and 32 hours of multicrew simulator training. It provides the candidate with a solid background in multi-crew operations and the knowledge the airlines are looking for from pilot today.

IATPL Program with BFC
The Integrated ATPL Program delivered in conjunction with Brampton Flight Centre has been designed to meet the flight crew skill needs of airlines. Students receive training in flight and ground school subjects approved by Transport Canada. The advanced airline training elements cover the requirements of air carriers for new hire pilots and are taught by AeroCourse instructors.  As well, the Program provides trainees with insights into getting a job in the industry.

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