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Searidge awarded remote tower project for Budapest Airport

Ottawa - Searidge Technologies, provider of surface management solutions to airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), has announced that its Remote Tower solution has been selected for HungaroControl's Remote Tower implementation project at Budapest Airport (BUD).

April 21, 2015  By Searidge Technologies

“We at HungaroControl think that the complex challenges inherent in the rapid increase in air traffic can only be answered with international cooperation and continuous innovation. The innovation of introducing remote services can help us tend to these future challenges even before they appear, while mutual sharing and exchange of knowledge and expertise with international partners can make all parties stronger and better,” explains Kornél Szepessy, CEO, HungaroControl. “That is why enabling safe and reliable remote services is a strategic focus for HungaroControl; and we have selected Searidge as our partner because of our shared vision for the future and their proven technology.”

The Searidge Remote Tower solution will be implemented in a medium size airport environment, providing controllers with a live, panoramic stitched view of both runways and the apron area at Budapest airport. The air traffic control information will be presented on a customized video wall that will incorporate a fully tailored human machine interface. In addition, the integration of Searidge’s advanced video processing system and Indra Navia’s Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) provides seamless radar coverage, customized data overlays and automated functionality such as target auto-follow.

“HungaroControl is a very educated buyer. They have done much of the work related to the development of the concept of operations, safety and regulatory frameworks and engagement of their controller community to ensure their perspective and input is included in the plans for their contingency and ultimately remote controlled aerodrome,” says Moodie Cheikh, Chief Executive Officer, Searidge Technologies. “This is a great partnership and we are confident this project will positively demonstrate the value and feasibility of remote services and highlight the comprehensive capabilities, flexibility and strength of our Remote Tower offering.”



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