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Sennheiser launches ‘Live Your Dream’ campaign

June 21, 2011, Old Lyme, Conn. - Aviation headset manufacturer Sennheiser announced that it will be launching its "Live Your Dream" campaign, which is designed to motivate and assist people with a passion for flying to overcome the barriers and begin flight training as a first step towards becoming a pilot and living their dream.

June 21, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The initiative, which launches this month, follows EAA's second annual "Learn to Fly Day," which occurred earlier last month.
Sennheiser's "Live Your Dream" will consist of several components, each designed to encourage motivation and training of aspiring pilots. In June, Sennheiser will be announcing a Flight Training Scholarship Competition encouraging people to describe the origin of their passion for flight, and why they want to pursue their dream and become a pilot. Over the course of eight months, several scholarships valued at a minimum of $1,000 each will be awarded to the most compelling entries, which can be submitted on our partner social media site, starting July 1st, 2011.
Sennheiser, which has continually supported the aviation community by providing educational and motivational lectures to the general public on issues such as hearing safety and other items, will also sponsor an ongoing lecture program at various high schools, universities, flight schools and flight centers around the country. These lectures will feature presentations by pilots and others within the aviation community, and cover a variety of flight related topics.
Finally, as an effort to encourage broader communication among aspiring pilots, Sennheiser is creating an Information Exchange group, to be hosted by The platform, which launches in June, will feature an open forum where new and aspiring pilots can ask questions and learn from more experienced pilots on a range of topics. Interested parties should register now at
“Sennheiser has been supporting the broader aviation community since the early eighties, when we launched our first aviation headsets," commented Dave Dunlap, director, Sennheiser Aviation. "With our Live Your Dream initiative, we are taking an important step towards encouraging aspiring pilots to take the next step in realizing their aviation goals. We want to help make the path towards becoming a pilot easier, more informative and more fun and hope that anyone with a passion for aviation takes the next step in realizing their dreams."


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