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Signature Flight Support launches new customer portal

May 21, 2013, Geneva, Sui. - Signature Flight Support Corporation announced at EBACE today that it has launched its customer portal – My Signature - to provide its customers with 24 hour access to their personalized Signature service profile.

May 21, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

My Signature allows individuals to create and update their unique Signature customer profile including service preferences, adding aircraft and engine information and view fuel purchases receipts as well as have the ability to reprint them.  Customers can also check their current fuel pricing where applicable. The registration process is simple and user-friendly.  Customers will have private access to book Signature preferred hotel rates in Signature cities and special discounted rates in non-Signature cities around the world with Signature’s Hotel Booking Program, powered by Global Crew Logistics’ proprietary hotel booking technology – HotelTrak.

Signature and Global Crew Logistics first partnered in 2009 to customize HotelTrak for use by Signature’s global FBO network.  This partnership has allowed Signature to become expert at contracting preferred hotels and rates for its customers and to deliver a full service travel experience that’s professional, user friendly and aviation industry centric. Building on this strategic partnership, Signature and Global Crew Logistics have added private customer access to Signature’s custom HotelTrak via Signature’s My Signature customer portal.

“Adding the ability for customers to have private access to Signature’s custom HotelTrak via My Signature allows us to offer an enhanced service to our customers by saving them time in the hotel booking process and offering them discounted rates we have negotiated on their behalf,” said Maria Sastre, President and Chief Operating Officer for Signature Flight Support. “My Signature and HotelTrak are two examples of Signature’s dedication to innovation and to providing world-class service to our global customers.  Additionally, with personalized customer profiles, we are better able to deliver high touch service to our customers around the world.”

To enroll in My Signature, customers, schedulers, dispatchers, flight crew and flight department managers can visit: and click on the My Signature link.



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