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SmartPilot web site is up and running

May 30, 2013, Queensville, Ont. - On May 1st, 2013, Canada’s single source web portal
for all things related to flying safely was launched. This site is a one-stop source for information, interactive courses and content rich videos – all focussed on helping pilots stay fresh and current about flight operations. Best of all, use of the site is open and free to all. The material is apllicable to all levels of pilots from student through to senior.

May 30, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Through the financal support of the Gorvernement of Canada, under the auspecious of the
Search and Rescue New Intitiative Fund (SAR NIF), has been several years in the making and encompasses a wide variety of materials covering a multitude of subjects related to flying. Examples of the site content include Airmanship, Human Factors, Flight Training, Specialty Aircraft (inclussive of Float Flying and Ultralights), Avionics, Maintenance, Weather, Navigation, Search & Rescue – and much more.

The project has been developed with co-operation from many leading sources and associations including Transport Canada, The Transportation Safety Board, Canadian Avaition Search and Rescue Association and a Board of Advisors comprised of recognized avaition communty leaders.

Material and site functionalty was also the subject of rigourous focus group research over several sessions. According to project development leader Ted Rankine – “this is a well advanced site that allows access materials quickly from a single source. In the past accessing such material involved lots of search time on the web. We have eleminated that and bring everything within a click or two. We have sourced and posted materials that serve to inform, educate and encourage safe flying under all circumstances. Just the ability to do your Recency test on-line with us in a self-paced manner and get the certifcate instantly is a step in helping pilots.

The commitment to is ongoing. New materials and purpose designed videos,
articles and courses will be added as they come along. Also, working with the American Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), has made it easy for users to quickly access and particpate in the AOPA Safety Institute courses. Similar co-operative relationships are ongoing and should result soon in additional materials being made available through the portal.


As Rankine says – “ does not replace recognized training from an established flight education institution. It is however a great way for people to build their knowledge and keep up to date about flight safety matters and proceedures. If just one life is saved by something that was taken in through our site – we have done our job.”

For additional information or comments, please visit the website.


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