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StandardAero highlights service options at NBAA

Oct. 21, 2009, Orlando – StandardAero will highlight its broad spectrum of business aviation services during the NBAA convention.

October 21, 2009  By Administrator

Oct. 21, 2009, Orlando – StandardAero will highlight its broad spectrum of business aviation services during the National Business Aviation Association Convention and Annual Meeting Oct. 20-22, 2009. As one of the only service providers who can deliver total services from full engine overhaul to avionics to airframe maintenance to completions and Supplemental Type Certificate Development, StandardAero brings to customers a level of “one stop shop” value that no one else can match.
 “The breadth of our service offerings along with a focus on building strong relationships with our customers sets StandardAero apart,” said Rob Mionis, President & CEO of StandardAero. “Everyday our dedicated employees strive to solve customer problems and deliver “perfect service” that the corporate flight department needs to service THEIR customer…the VIP passenger.”
StandardAero Focused on Improving the Customer Experience
StandardAero’s new Senior Vice President for Business Aviation, Scott Taylor, is tapping into his 20-plus years of general aviation experience to develop a new vision for the company’s business aviation sector.  Fundamental to Taylor’s vision for this sector involves building upon the company’s solid reputation in order to improve its position in airframe, avionics, modifications and interior refurbishment, as well as expanding engine programs both domestically and in the international markets.  Focusing on aircraft-level services allows customers to deal with a single service provider from airframe maintenance to engine overhaul to avionics upgrades and deal with a single customer service professional with one thing in mind – making the aircraft MRO experience more simple and positively predictable.
Taylor brings a background rich in leadership, excellent product knowledge and an outstanding awareness of the systems and business models that drive the business aviation market. His vision for improving the customer experience will be realized through facility upgrades and capability expansions as well as with a strong emphasis on improving customer service and the overall customer experience.  Beginning in early 2010, customers will begin seeing immediate changes in StandardAero’s four primary shops across the United States, including Augusta, Ga., Springfield, Ill., Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles, Calif., with capabilities in Omaha, Neb. and Little Rock, Ark. Each of these main business aviation facilities has deep experience in Falcon, Hawker, Gulfstream, Bombardier and newly added Embraer platforms.
Renewed Focus on STC Development
StandardAero continues to aggressively expand the comprehensiveness of its service offerings and shape the industry by focusing on its engineering and certification capabilities. Underscoring this strategy is its recent receipt of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) at its Springfield, Ill. location, the first from the Chicago Aircraft Certification Office. This designation enables StandardAero to provide design and certification services leading to the issuance of STCs for alterations and modifications on a broad range of aerospace products. These include complete interiors, engine retrofits, airframe modifications, cabin entertainment systems, glass cockpits and other major avionics upgrades on most Transport Category aircraft models and most turbine-powered aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds. The company has already secured contracts for nearly $300,000 in work.
Expanded Engine Services

Already doing more TFE731 heavy maintenance work than anyone else in the world, StandardAero is now doing it faster too. Standard industry turn-around-times for Core Zone Inspections (CZI) are around 28 days. StandardAero is doing them at an average of 14 days and in as little as 12 saving customers’ considerable downtime. During the show, StandardAero is offering exclusive CZI and Major Periodic Inspection (MPI) incentives. These incentives are available only for contracts signed at the show.
Besides TFE731 work, StandardAero also is a volume leader in CF34, AE3007 and PT6 heavy maintenance. Their recent 80,000 square foot expansion in Winnipeg to support CF34 involves both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair and overhaul.  This MRO work consists of engine disassembly, inspection of the disassembled parts, acquisition and repair of parts, reassembly of the engines and testing of the completed engine assembly.
On the PT6 side, operators have the unique option of either upgrading or overhauling their PT6 engines. StandardAero provides operators with a risk free way to accurately compare apples and oranges. As the only Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) Designated Overhaul Facility that can do in-house overhaul and repair as well as provide upgrade capabilities, StandardAero can save operators the time, money and headaches associated with working through multiple companies for multiple estimates. By performing an engine teardown, they can provide the operator with a detailed overhaul estimate that the operator can accurately compare with the cost of upgrading to the newest engine technology. If they choose to upgrade, the initial teardown is free.
An example upgrade is their PT6A-52 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC SA02715CH-D) to remove P&WC PT6A-41 or -42 series engines on the Beechcraft King Air 200/B200 and replace them with PT6A-52 engines and four-bladed Hartzell propellers.
With PT6A-41 and -42 engines reaching service lives of more than 35 years, and many approaching their third and fourth overhaul, the costs of these engines have gone up dramatically. With the StandardAero engine-upgrade program, customers can get a new PT6A-52 engine for a slightly higher cost than overhauling their aging PT6A-41 or -42 engines, while increasing performance and aircraft value.
Upgrading to the StandardAero PT6A-52 engine program provides Beechcraft King Air 200-series operators with the latest in P&WC engine technology, increased aircraft value and increased performance, allowing for over 300 knots true airspeed in cruise. StandardAero also offers extended warranty coverage to 10 years or base time-before-overhaul.

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