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StandardAero to provide services to NordStar fleet

Feb. 29, 2012, Tempe, Ariz. - StandardAero has signed an agreement with Russia's Taimyr Airlines, the parent company of NordStar Airlines, to carryout engine maintenance on NordStar's new fleet of five ATR 42-500 aircraft.

February 29, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

As per the agreement, StandardAero will implement its Total Engine Asset Management (TEAM) Program on five ATR42 aircraft, which also includes support services.

NordStar general director, Kirill Buryy, and technical director, Andrey Semenov, said, in a joint statement: "We are very pleased with the enthusiasm that StandardAero has displayed in the initial phase of our agreement and look forward to our partnership."

The pair added: "Their ability to offer favorable terms, coupled with value for the services provided was a key factor in our decision.

"A maintenance partner that can provide support services beyond its core business has real significance to an operator with a new aircraft type in a start-up phase."


StandardAero Airlines & Fleets senior vice president, Jeffrey Wood, said: "Today's announcement reflects our commitment to the expanding Russian regional airlines market; specifically the successful ATR aircraft, as well as the growing market recognition of our business as a world-class, top tier provider of engine maintenance services."

Wood added: "Our TEAMTM Program offering is working exceptionally well and shows that Russian airlines value our service offerings and our flexibility in developing a customised program."

ATR 42-500 is the enhanced version of ATR 42, powered by PW127E engines, has a cruise speed of 300kt and a maximum range of 1,556km.

The aircraft is equipped to help NordStar operate in conditions of Siberia and the Far North with a flying capability up to 3.5 hours.


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