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Star Navigation announces appointment of Petrus Aviation

Oct. 22, 2013, Toronto - Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. has announced the appointment of Petrus Aviation (1979) Ltd. as the company's exclusive agent for commercial and military sales of the STAR-A.D.S. system in Israel. The appointment also includes non-exclusive rights with respect to civilian sales Worldwide, subject to minor exceptions.

October 23, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Petrus Group began with the establishment of Petrus Aviation in 1979, representing and successfully performing marketing and consultancy activities in the aerospace, defense and industrial fields. Petrus MDS was established in 1995 as an affiliated company to Petrus Aviation. Each company is registered as an authorized broker by the U.S. Government and the Israeli authorities, including the Ministry of Defense.

Petrus Group, as a group of companies, specializes in representing foreign companies in Israel as well as dealing with worldwide marketing, establishing industrial co-operations and consultations for aerospace, hi-tech, security, general industry, communication and electronics industry.

Petrus Group prides itself on its professional, experienced staff and associates that include former IDF (Israel Defense Forces) officers, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) CEOs and executives from diverse industries with many accumulated years of hands-on managerial and technical experience, particularly in the following fields:

• Aerospace technology, avionic, electronics, and diverse hi-tech         
• Management of organizations, programs and global projects.              
• Cooperation and technology transfer.                                    
• Industrial supply for all technical and hi-tech issues.                 
• Mechanical and electronic components sales. Sales of systems in various 
Star's CEO, Viraf S. Kapadia said,


"As Star continues to refine its worldwide sales organization, the appointment of Petrus Aviation on an exclusive basis for Israel is evidence of our very high regard for Petrus and its leadership. Israel is an important and demanding market. We feel strongly that Petrus has the required experience, technical expertise and track record needed to make significant sales of both the STAR-A.D.S.  system as well as other Star products, such as the military version of the STAR-ISMS(R)."

Avi Mor, Chairman of Petrus Group said,

"I believe that the Star Navigation products can be adapted to many aircraft and it is possible to find cooperation with large integrator, in order to achieve faster distribution of the product. Petrus Aviation (1979) Ltd, is helping in these tasks."


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