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Star Navigation granted Airbus A320 STC by TC

March 27, 2014, Toronto - Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. has announced that Transport Canada has granted it a Supplemental Type Certificate with respect to the installation of its STAR-ISMS(R) system on the Airbus A320 aircraft.

March 27, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

This STC is granted for the recently completed Second Generation (G2) STAR-ISMS(R) system. It is a major milestone in the commercial development of the system. The G2 STAR-ISMS(R) system offers enhanced functionalities while being smaller, lighter, and even more cost effective to the end users.

The Airbus A320 series is one of the bestselling jet airliners in aviation history selling more than 10,000 aircraft as of February 2014. Airbus A320 jets are now being utilized in most regions of the world by airlines operating in the short to medium haul flight segment.

Viraf S. Kapadia, Chairman and CEO of Star said,

"We are very pleased to receive this STC. The necessary work for this STC was 100% done in-house at STAR and reviewed by Transport Canada approved Designated Airworthiness Representatives ("DAR"). This is the latest addition to the STCs currently owned by the company, including the STC for the B737 aircraft. Star is aggressively working on sales and marketing activities and expects to obtain more STC's rapidly now that they are prepared in-house, addressing the customers various fleets. This is a significant achievement highlighting the ongoing refinement of the STAR-ISMS(R) system and its commercialization, as well as the capabilities of the Company."


The company is actively increasing its own strengths and resources. Star currently has licensed Professional Engineers and experienced programmers working on enhancing the design and evolution of the STAR-ISMS(R) system. They are also able to prepare the engineering change orders and installation instructions for customer airlines.


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