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Star Navigation provides corporate update

Sept. 13, 2011, Toronto - Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. is pleased to provide an update on various corporate initiatives.

September 13, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Star Server Unit ("SSU") Development

Testing of the Company's next generation G2 Star Server Unit is almost complete, with final crash testing to take place shortly. The new unit is the heart of the STAR-ISMS(R) system and the G2 version combines smaller size, less weight, and a more favourable price point, with increased functionality.

Astrium Services

As noted in Star's press release dated June 22, 2011, the Company has entered into a formal agreement with Paradigm Services Limited, an affiliated company of Astrium Services, to provide a one-stop shop to market and sell a satellite communications service to aviation companies. Astrium, a unit of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), will take the lead in marketing the Airborne Data Service to aircraft manufacturers and airline operators worldwide, utilizing its expertise in secure Satcom, data handling, service delivery and satellite operations. Star, as the developer of the STAR-ISMS(R) In-Flight Safety Monitoring System, will provide all airborne equipment, technical expertise and support services. The Agreement remains subject to agreed upon amendments where a provision is contrary to, and amendment is necessary to comply with, the TSX Venture Exchange rules or any other applicable Canadian securities regulatory authority legislation or rules. All required documentation has been filed with the TSX-Venture Exchange and the Company expects to be in a position to request a final interpretation from the Ontario Securities Commission shortly.


Midwest Airlines (Egypt)

All required documentation with respect to the Supplementary Type Certificate ("STC") required for the Midwest installation has been submitted to Transport Canada and the Company is awaiting a determination. Installation will take place shortly after receipt of the STC.


Star continues its efforts in India. The Company has made ongoing representations to the DGCA and other appropriate government agencies with respect to the issue of the granting to Star of an Aeromobile License, required to utilize Star's STAR-ISMS(R) System in Indian airspace. Further meetings are expected to take place in September.

Pakistan International Airlines ("PIA")

Over 1800 operational flights with the STAR-ISMS(R) aboard one of PIA's A-310 aircraft have now taken place and discussions are continuing with respect to a possible sale to PIA. Meetings have taken place at both the Paris Air Show and at Star's Toronto headquarters.

Shaheen Air International

In mid September 2010, the Company entered into an agreement with Shaheen Air International of Pakistan to install the STAR-ISMS(R) System on one of the airline's Boeing 737-200/300 aircraft. The installation was intended to allow Shaheen to perform a performance evaluation on the system. Due to scheduling issues resulting from significantly greater than normal operational demands on Shaheen's fleet, work on obtaining the required Supplemental Type Certificate approval was delayed due to the sporadic availability of aircraft. Shaheen is now considering changes to its fleet which may necessitate amendments to the original agreement.


Scheduling extensions continue with respect to the C919, China's first indigenously-manufactured large passenger aircraft. The 168-190 seat narrow-body aircraft is similar to the Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737, and is expected to take its first flight in 2014 for certification in 2016. Star has been informed that COMAC is still going through the selection process. Star has not been notified of COMAC's decision and continues to monitor the situation closely.

Litigation Update

All litigation involving the Company has been settled, with the exception of a claim by Aeromechanical Services Ltd. ("AMS") against the Company and Star's counterclaim against AMS (see release December 10, 2010). The Company has vigorously defended the claim and has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. All undertakings have been satisfied and both this claim and Star's counterclaim are continuing.

Major Manufacturers

The Company continues discussions with respect to the inclusion of its STAR-ISMS(R) system as Original Equipment on new aircraft. In addition to the Chinese initiative, both domestic and international manufacturers have shown interest and development work is ongoing with respect to the agreement signed with CMC Electronics Inc. (see release January 26, 2011).


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