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Star Navigation reports progress at Farnborough

August 23, 2010, Toronto - Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. is pleased to report on its successful exhibition at the Farnborough International Air Show.

August 23, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

Overall attendance was similar to the Berlin ILA, but the volume of business transacted was almost 3 times that of Berlin, which suggests the importance of the Farnborough Show to the aviation industry.

Displaying a prototype unit of its next generation STAR-ISMS, and again located in the EADS exhibit booth, Star had the opportunity to meet with a significant cross section of the aviation industry, including senior executives from several airlines and manufacturers. Star management also met with system integrators who expressed their own interest in evaluating the STAR-ISMS system as a potential component of their aircraft system offerings.

According to Star's Vice President Marketing and Sales, Joel Chotte, "with the Company's technology patents in place, we have spent the past year advancing the hardware and software systems, and in developing the Next Generation (G 2) system. We are now moving forward on several fronts to have the STAR-ISMS In-flight Safety Monitoring System adopted by the aviation industry."

Participation at the Farnborough show also allowed Star to position its System as a part of the international trend to develop greener aircraft. Features of the STAR-ISMS system include potential reductions in fuel consumption and, consequently, emissions.


Mr. Chotte also said that "another advantage of the STAR-ISMS is that it is modular, and not limited to large commercial aircraft. We saw a great deal of interest from operators and manufacturers with respect to very different applications in civilian and military sectors, and to different modes of transportation vehicles. Our Farnborough presence with Astrium clearly illustrated the synergies between Star Navigation and Astrium Services' (See previous release April 6, 2010.)

Viraf S. Kapadia, Star's CEO, reflected that "the development of STAR-ISMS has followed a very rigorous path. Significant resources have been allocated in order to ensure that STAR-ISMS fully meets or exceeds industry expectations. The response that we had at Farnborough has confirmed that we have taken the right path and we are fully confident that our patented STAR-ISMS technology is the right foundation technology in this field. We have been extremely diligent in making sure that it is the best in-flight monitoring and analysis solution available.


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