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Star Navigation Systems Group update

Oct. 20, 2009 – Oct. 20, 2009 – An Engineering team from Star, lead by Chief Technology Officer, Dale F. Sparks, has just returned from China where he continued detailed discussions initiated on previous visits.

October 20, 2009  By Administrator

Oct. 20, 2009 – An Engineering team from Star, lead by Chief Technology Officer, Dale F. Sparks, has just returned from China where he continued detailed discussions initiated on previous visits. Part of these discussions concerned Star's Second Generation Star Server Unit, currently under development by Star and Luxell Technologies Inc.

The SSU is the heart of the In Flight Safety Monitoring System ("ISMS(TM)") and will offer greater functionality and performance, improved integration, reduced weight and lower cost. It also features significant growth potential to accommodate new applications.

Major Manufacturers:

In light of the recent aviation events, Star has been approached by major manufacturers in North America and Europe with respect to the capabilities of Star's ISMS(TM). Management believes that the solutions offered by Stars' patented ISMS(TM) technology position Star well to move forward in working jointly with industry leaders to provide real time monitoring. The ISMS(TM) continuously monitors selected avionics systems on the aircraft as it flies, instantly analyzing the data, transmitting the information and data alerts via satellite to the airline.

The system provides an operator's ground personnel with the ability to monitor trends, predict possible failures, schedule repairs and assists the flight crew in taking preventive action as may be required. It acts as an early warning system, detecting the early signs of potential problems. Importantly, it performs these functions in "real-time" providing essential safety monitoring to the benefit of passengers, aircraft personnel and ground crew.

ISMS(TM) can transmit up to 18000 parameters per minute, the system being limited only by bandwidth availability. Star's current solution, coupled with end of flight reports, assists in fuel management and savings, live flight data analysis (Live-FDA(TM)) proactive management and improved reporting of the initiatives such as FOQA & MOQA (Flight and Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance), that are required by various Civil Aviation Authorities and agencies.


Near Future:
Negotiations regarding the sale of Star's ISMS(TM) system continue with Pakistan International Airlines, as well as operators in India, Canada, the Middle East and other regions.

Star continues to remain vigilant with respect to any infringement of its patented technology.

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