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STARS receives twin-engine H145 helicopters

January 11, 2021  By Wings Staff


Airbus Helicopters Canada has delivered two new twin-engine H145 helicopters to STARS, a physician driven non-profit helicopter air ambulance organization serving Western Canada, continuing the company’s multi-year fleet renewal program for nine new helicopters. The four remaining helicopters to be delivered will arrive in the new five-bladed configuration, beginning later this year.

STARS’ H145 helicopters, fitted with helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) interiors, will support STARS in providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport for the critically ill and injured, many of which are located in rural areas.

“We’re about halfway through our H145 deliveries and having them in our fleet has already been a game changer for our operations,” said David Harding, Chief Aviation Officer, STARS. “This platform is uniquely suited for our demanding HEMS operations, and we really look forward to getting our first 5-bladed variants later this year and the increased performance and capabilities they will bring.”

The H145 was chosen following an extensive competitive process thanks to its cutting-edge technology, advanced safety features, and exceptional HEMS heritage. Offering the largest cabin in its class and payload, the H145 is suited for STARS’ mission requirements.



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