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STELIA Aerospace’s Celeste seat now available for A320 family

STELIA Aerospace’s CELESTE Business Class seat is now fully offerable on A320 family aircraft. Airbus has granted full offerability for the CELESTE mechanical seat, ahead of first aircraft deliveries to two customers in the third quarter 2017.

April 24, 2017  By STELIA Aerospace


CELESTE is a cocooning seat designed for short and medium haul sectors up to six hours. It offers a deep recline position (40 degrees equivalent to 11.5 inches) and high levels of privacy with a fixed back shell and high console and privacy screen options. 

With four launch customers across three regions, there will soon be more than 200 seats flying in which passengers can have the CELESTE experience. With this offerability decision by Airbus we are looking forward to many more in the future. We are also working hard to sign up our launch customer on B737”, says Thierry Kanengieser, VP Cabin Interior, STELIA Aerospace.



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